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Event Suite

The EF Event Suite is a full-featured event management software solution that allows you to manage all of your event logistics, sales, and customer data in one place. In doing so, it drives ROI and creates value for your business.

Industry-Leading Event Management Software

EF Event Suite serves as a single comprehensive toolkit, you can manage all event planning, processes, and data in one place. Your event dashboard is the central gateway to this impressive suite of tools.

Generate Measurable ROI

Comprehensive data capture and analysis tools highlight event ROI so you can see what areas are most effective and which ones need adjustments. Use the EF event ROI software to measure factors such as sales metrics, brand awareness, and media coverage generated from individual events.

Effectively Capture Event and Attendee Data

Capturing attendee data is a great start, but to be truly effective you must turn that data into something that staff can act on. Our event lead capture software turns individual contact information into actionable data.

Manage Event Staff

Corporate exhibitors rely on staff from multiple departments and offices to ensure a smooth event experience for attendees. Our event management software allows them to collaborate directly with the latest information. This facilitates communication and reduces confusion. Additionally, it serves as a central tool for staff scheduling, ensuring sufficient coverage where you need it.

Measure Sales

Sales data is crucial for forecasting, budgeting, and other critical business decisions. With our intuitive dashboard, you can filter sales by event, salesperson, date, and location. Robust back-end analytics turn raw data into actionable data that can then inform decisions and strengthen your sales pipeline.

Trask and Manage Digital Assets

You can also track digital assets from the EF Event Suite dashboard. Tools allow you to host multiple brands without printing hardcopy materials. Include brochures, multimedia, and white papers in digital catalogs customized to individual sales reps to create personalized customer interactions.

EF Event Suite's dashboard allows you to follow your tradeshow resources and track real-time results

Industry Applications

EF Event Suite is in use in various industries. It is a valuable tool for marketing directors, brand managers, and even managers who need to maintain tradeshow logistics and marketing initiatives across multiple events. Industries benefiting from our technology include:


Give your sales team the ability to turn leads from the show floor into bottom-line results.



Keep an eye on your resources, budgets and expenses.



Communicate project details and track their execution in real time.



Have every event covered with just the right team members.



Employ a user-friendly interface to design customized registration processes for your audience.



Track your inventory, crates, and shipments, all in one simple application with bar coding.

Explore EF Event Suite Management Software

Take your events to the next level with EF Event Suite. Our industry-leading event management software enhances and streamlines operations, reducing redundancies and providing real-time data. Contact us to request a free trial.

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